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Our Hassle Free & Easy Claim Process

Whatever your circumstance, we’ve got the Screen Service Plan to suit you. Spread the cost which is cheaper & faster than most Phone manufacturers

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Claim on online

log in to your account, click on “my order”, click on “view” your plan, click the claim button, follow the steps, make sure your information is correct and finish the claim process.

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Shipping stage

After you’ve completed the claim process, Choose the date and time our courier FedEx should pick up your parcel. you’ll be sent an email confirmation confirming all information entered. Make sure you Securely & safely package your phone into a parcel waiting for collection.

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Repair Lab & Return delivery

Once our repair lab receives your phone, we will then repair your screen on the same day. We also aim to get your phone back into your hands with a new screen within 24-72 hours.


For us to repair your screen, you will need to confirm some key information for us first. If there are any changes that need to be made, please go back to the account page and update accordingly. If you need to update the device registered with us, then please follow the link on your account page or get in touch with us.

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Please remove your iCloud or Samsung account before sending your device!

For security reasons please make sure you firstly back up your phone and then remove your iPhone cloud account or Samsung account.If you have any questions on how to clear your data and send it to us, then please go to the FAQ section on our website.

Need to make a change to your information? Go to your My Account Page.
Can’t make changes to certain bits of information on your account, then email in to and we’ll make the changes for you

Unlimited Hassle Free Claims

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FREE Delivery on all claims

12 Month Warranty on all the screens