Is Mobile Phone Insurance Important?

Is Mobile Phone Insurance Important?

Why a subscription protection plan for your mobile phone is better.

Mobile phone insurance covers the cost of repairing or replacing your mobile phone if it is damaged and falls within the lines of what the insurer calls accidental. You may think you need mobile phone insurance if you are likely to damage your phone. However, traditional mobile phone insurance companies have a multitude of hoops and criteria you need to meet before your claim is accepted; this is a problem for many as the small print of the insurance contract you signed is brought to light during the event of the claim, leaving many out of pocket having paid months of premium to then be rejected by the phone insurance. 45% of smartphone owners accidentally damage their phones. The average time from purchasing and breaking your smartphone is approximately 10 weeks.

As a smartphone owner you really need mobile phone protection, you must ask yourself the following questions:


Can you afford to replace or repair your mobile phone?

Most smartphones are very expensive these days as there is a lot of competition and you want to buy a better smartphone than others. Normally we rely a lot on our mobile phone and would need an instant solution if you damage or lose your mobile and you want to get connected with your friends and family every time. We need to ask ourselves would we be able to replace our expensive smartphone if the worst happens and the mobile phone screen is damage. As mobile phone screens are the most important and expensive part of any smartphone.


Do you have a history of damaging your mobile phone?

If you already have a history of damaging or losing your mobile phone or even having your phone stolen, mobile phone insurance is very important for you. As we discussed earlier smartphone screens are the most expensive part of your phones and if you often run into trouble with your smartphone. Good, fast, and reliable mobile phone insurance can help you save your money, time, and important data. Multiple claims in a year are a must thing to check while selecting a mobile phone insurance plan.


Do you have enough time to get your phone repaired?

While selecting mobile phone protection for your mobile phone, a very fast and reliable claim process can help you save your time. Normally mobile phone insurance companies take days or weeks to accept your claim first, then 7 days after that to get your phone repaired. In this period, it is almost impossible to spend over a week without your mobile phone. Once your phone is damaged you need to be able to recall an automatic 100% claim approval protection plan with same day repair, and Tech Rescueds’ phone protection plans do just that. No hoop like questions asked on your policy that can get your phone back into your hands in just 24-72 hours.


How much do you rely on your smartphone?

Considering fast, reliable and affordable mobile phone protection is very important if you rely heavily on your mobile phone and would need an instant solution if your mobile phone is damaged. Only a fast and reliable mobile phone protection care plan can help you. Mobile insurers fall way outside of this category with unreliable small print, loopholes, manual claims processes, and high premiums.


Important factors to check while choosing Mobile Phone protection plans

As we discussed above if you rely heavily on your mobile phone and cannot afford to replace or repair your smartphone, then saving money and time via having a protection plan to get your smartphone repaired is essential for you. You must look for a few things while choosing the right mobile phone protection for your smartphone:


1.  Mobile phone care plan needs to be affordable, better and faster

2.  Lowest monthly subscription plan for all phones

3.  Unlimited claims to registered phones

4.  24-72 hours rapid repair with the collection, repair, and delivery

5.  Hassle-free and easy automated claim process

6.  Affordable monthly and yearly plans

7.  Plan can be purchased even if your phone is damaged

8.  Cashback if unclaimed after 12 months


Tech Rescued is one company that is leading the market and driving competition against traditional stagnant high-priced loophole filled mobile phone insurance companies.